Simple Hacks to Boost Your Protein Intake

If you want to be successful with your dietary regime, one factor that you should take into account is your protein consumption. As well as increasing your metabolism (which allows you to shed calories throughout the day), protein is required to conserve your lean muscle tissue over the long term.

Regrettably, however, protein is one aspect that many women fail to master because they do not understand which foods to eat that contain protein, or because they simply don’t like the taste.

Let us take a look at a few quick and easy methods that you can employ to boost the amount of protein in your diet. This way, you can get nearer to your dietary targets.

Combine Cottage Cheese With Yogurt

Although yogurt is certainly an excellent snack to consume and will give you some protein, it does not contain as much protein as cottage cheese. Lots of people do not like the flavor of cottage cheese by itself, though, so try combining it with a nice yogurt instead.

Try topping this off with a tablespoon of flax seed (which provides healthy fats) and some fresh berries, and you will have a tasty and nutritious snack.

Prepare Milk With Oatmeal

Another way of boosting your intake of protein throughout the day is with the help of some milk. Try using this in your oatmeal bowl, instead of water. Milk has nearly ten protein grams in every cup. Therefore, if you prepare the oatmeal with half a cup, then tip the other half cup over it after it is cooked, you will have a well-balanced breakfast.

In addition, milk is crucial for giving your body the calcium it requires to fortify bones, so that is a secondary advantage you will receive from this.

Use Salmon On Top Of Your Salad

Another easy and fast way to boost the amount of protein you consume each day is to put some canned salmon or tuna over your salad at lunch time. Both types of fish are excellent sources of protein. Better still, they barely take any time at all to get ready.

As an additional advantage, they will rapidly liven your salad up too.

Combine Baked Foods With Protein Powder

The final simple tip to increase your protein intake is to include protein powder in the baking you do. In many recipes, protein works well when used in place of fifty percent of the flour. This is true for protein bars, cookies, and even muffins.

The extra flavor will help to enhance the overall flavor of the food too.

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